Subject Re: [firebird-support] INET/inet_error
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Due to the inumerous (and constant) posts regarding this subject I
would suggest publish it publically.

FireBase -

PB> <<Hi Daniel - just wondering what document you are quoting from.
PB> for the
PB> Linux error number and short description.
PB> Microsoft Platform SDK 2003 for the full description and the
PB> corresponding error number for Windows.>>

PB> Over the last month or so I have been putting a document together
PB> that collates all the errors you "might" see in the firebird/interbase.log
PB> file. Although far from finished, and a work in progress, I think it would
PB> be very useful to users.... at this moment I haven't yet decided whether to
PB> put the document on the IBPhoenix CD (as a value add) or publish it
PB> publically. Comments re. this appreciated.

PB> Regards
PB> Paul

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