Subject Re: General question : View or Store Procedure ???
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "Eddie Bush" <eabush@s...> wrote:
> I'm using some updatable views and would appreciate further
comments. Maybe I should consider changing my strategy?

Eddie, did you noticed ":)"? I can't speak about modern state of
views surely because when I learned IB it was "bug 24x7" (to don't
stop you from using them entirely I'll not say WHO said this :) ) and
they are entirely out of my personal technology. Perhaps many of them
are already fixed. Examine FB bug tracker on sourceforge. Not long ago
in this list was reported bug when view is used within SP. Last known
for me investigated problem (but not knew, existed long ago) is - if
updatable view have triggers, data is updated twice - by view itself
and by trigger. In FB1.5 post-release views will lose "updatable"
state if triggers are defined, so, perhaps you really will be forced
to change something in your strategy. What I can say for sure - SPs
are very reliable.

Best regards,