Subject Re: I´m new
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Félix González
<felix.gonzalez@g...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I´m using Interbase and now I´ve instaled firebird 1.5. I´ve some
> there are somting similar to wisql or Ibconsoe for firebird?

WISQL (my beloved lightweiht tool) perfectly works with FB dialect 1
databases. Don't touch dialect 3 (both IB and FB) with it, you can
damage database. AFAIK IBConsole too works with FB dialect 1 only
because of ambiguity in it's internal queries to metadata and more
strong check of ambiguity in FB.

> what can I do to have bouth interbase and firebird?

Can't surely say. I had some time simultaneously running FB1 (which
is close to IB6) and FB1.5 both Linux Classic mapped on different
ports, no problems. Seems (not sure) you should'nt use fbclient to
access IB databases and definitely should'nt use IB's gds32 to access FB.

> when a progrma connect to a database, how to know if is an interbase
> database or a firebird?

Analysing version string in isc_database_info I think. I hope
another persons who did'nt yet forgot IB-related issues can help more
tomorrow, my answer is aimed mainly to let you know you is'nt ignored.

Best regards,