Subject Re: Feature Request
Author jrodenhi
Thanks, Daniel. I appreciate the help you have given me previously as
well as the information on features planned for version 2.0.

My request is to add the ability to be able to log on to a server that
I can see on my network and then choose from a picklist of the
databases that it knows of and log in to that database.

I don't believe that Firebird servers are visible on the network
presently. I don't know how difficult it is to set up that kind of
visibility. Maybe the other part is more difficult than I believe. I
was thinking that, since the server has a list of its aliases in
aliases.conf file, it could export a function that would enumerate
these databases. To me that seems fairly simple.

I am assuming that, once these functions are available, it would not
be difficult for the makers of administration and query tools to take
advantage of them.

Given the increasing visibility and popularity that Firebird has
enjoyed lately, I think it is important to eliminate any obstacles
that potential new users would have to easily switch.

Thanks for your assistance again and thanks for all the work you do on
the database.


--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@a...>
> Hi,
> At March 16, 2004, 13:28, jrodenhi wrote:
> > How does a person add a feature request to the server development
> > list?
> You can first post your request/question here. This would be just to
> make sure that what you are requesting isn't already implemented(and
> not know about it) or if there is another way to achieve it. And,
> there are members of the development team that do follow this group.
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