Subject Re: seems bug : Field accepts NULL Values (empty string) even if it is defined w
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Jonathan Neve <jonathan@m...>
> Alexander V.Nevsky wrote:
> > Nol (with L softened, AFAIK you have'nt such a sound) in Russian.
> >
> >
> This is the only kind of L you have in russian, right? Isn't it a bit
> like the "ll" in "hall"?
> Like this : ??? ?

National characters are visible in national charset only :) Yes, we
have only one L but we have 33 letters and 2 of them are signs of
softeness (#27) and hardeness (#29) and are written after consonant to
accent tune when needed. When saying "L" try to increase pressure of
tongue on palate to make tip of tongue plain. If you'll be
successfull, you'll say "Russian soft L" :) BTW, lets hide ourselves
while Helen did'nt put her hat on ;)

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