Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded Server Connection String ?
Author Eddie Bush
The embedded server does not actually run as a service. If your database lives with your application (like mine does) then you need to remove the server name from your "connection string" (TIBDatabase.DatabaseName for IBX). I just tested using an alias and this worked fine for me. Personally, I just build the path for my DB at run-time so that it is independent of all preconditions.

You can use the embedded server to connect to a database that lives on another machine, but that machine must be running a "real" server (Classic or Super Server).


Eddie Bush
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Subject: [firebird-support] Embedded Server Connection String ?


I try to use embedded server for my old program.
The connection string was "PC001:MBS" or "localhost:MBS"
As you understand local computer name is PC001 and MBS is an alias name which is defined in "Aliases.conf" file.

I extracted all files in in a directory of my program.
MBS = c:\mbs.fdb is added to aliases.conf
fbembed.dll is renamed as fbclient.dll and copied as gds32.dll also.

When I try to run the software gives "Unable to connect :"PC003", machine actively refuse it" error.

What must I do?


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