Subject Re: [firebird-support] Delphi 6 Admin Components
Author Eddie Bush
Hi Kevin,

I can't speak to the ones that come with D6, but the ones that come with D7 work super. I believe you could even upgrade the ones in D6. I upgraded mine a while back off the community site (

If you're looking for something to build an interactive application they will probably work just fine. They don't appear to return a status code so you can tell programatically what happened though. Very annoying if you want to build automated routines!

Probably a better approach would be to locate the IBOAdmin components. I don't have the URL handy though :-( just search for IBOAdmin Service components and I bet you find them. Reason: The author of IBX has explicitly stated that he will update for IB, but not keep the IBX components current with Firebird. The IBOAdmin fellow seems to be willing to update for Firebird though and has expressed a commitment to being InterBase/Firebird/Yaffil compatible.

If you want to: check user validity, backup/restore a database, and you care about getting a result a bout how the operation completed, you might take a look at: for Paul's ibapi routines. For Delphi you'll want probably.


Eddie Bush
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Subject: [firebird-support] Delphi 6 Admin Components

I was wondering how solid/compatible with Firebird are the Interbase Admin
components that come with Delphi 6?

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