Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded server database easily corrupted
Author Da Jiao

> Having had fun in the past with power out problems, even
> before switching to Interbase, I can say it is not an easy
> problem to solve in software. Some sort of UPS is a must to
> ensure that power-outs can be managed.

But this application is a small one running on ordinary customers' desktops.
Cannot force them to use UPS.

> You do not say, but for windows we had great fun at one time
> when a whole days work could be lost, simply because the OS
> was caching the information and totally ignoring the flush
> to disk!

IB or FB?

> Things are a little better now, but since vital information
> may well be held in RAM, and not get copied to disk
> corruption's are difficult to avoid if you simply switch of
> the power.
> There are a few cache settings that will make things better,

What are them, please give details.
Thank you.