Subject Re: [firebird-support] UDF call gives Invalid request BLR
Author Nick Upson
If there is a different forum where I should be asking this question please tell

In article <VA.00002009.1ebe6951@...>, Nick Upson wrote:
> In case I wasn't clear, the UDF of mine I'm trying to use is called titlecase
> In article <VA.00002002.15bb9315@...>, Nick Upson wrote:
> > Specifically I get "Invalid request BLR at offset 63, function TITLECASE is
> > not defined, module name or entry point could not be found"
> >
> > I'm attempting to move a FB1.0 database to FB1.5, currently on a different
> > machine for testing purposes. I've done a gbak of the original and restored
> > it on 1.5, I've set the udfaccess in the config file to restrict
> > /opt/firebird/UDF and copied my udf file udflocal.o to which
> > it seemed to require (udflocal.o worked with fb1.0). Any suggestions welcome.

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