Subject Re: migrate the data module using ibx component to
Author Eugenio Reis
Delphi 8 keeps the IBX suite available for VCL forms projects only,
those components are not available for ASP.NET applications. Since you
mentioned that you are developing a web application, your choices are

- the BDP (Borland Data Provider), which is more Interbase oriented
(remember that you won't be able to keep pretending that IB and FB are
the same thing)

- the Firebird.NET data provider (probably the best option)

- the ODBC driver combined with the OleDB components

--- In, "cwkuok" <benny@c...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using firebird1.5RC7 and delphi7 where I build my web
> application using ibx component..
> Currently I need to migrate my data module to
> framework any good suggestion doing so at a very quick speed..
> Before that I tried the Firebird bird data provider [it seem more
> like in is it??], but I am trying to minimize the changes
> probably less as possible that I assume there are component
> or other methods for me to choose...
> I would appreciate if anyone could give me suggestion.
> :)
> Kuok