Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Case-insensitive selects
Author Thomas Leggett
Hi Peter.

Thanks for the news, although not too good :/

This is a commercial project, but afaik there is no money available for such
a task, but we got several codemonkeys who might be able to work something

Could you please direct me to the source-code example so we can try to
figure something out?

or else im afraid I will have to leave the firebird project and I don't want
do that.


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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Case-insensitive selects

Hi Thomas,

In my facorite rĂ´le of bringing bad news:

--- In, "Thomas Leggett" wrote:
> Do you know when such a collation will be ready? days/weeks/months?

Days/weeks if you provide Dave with a order (as in 'commercial') for
this (as, AFAIK, he does specialised FB/IB collations on a commercial

Months if you wait that either my or Dave's work proceeds further.

Days if you download the source code example and put a code monkey at

Peter Jacobi

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