Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Copy paste tables
Author Alan McDonald
> > just extract the metadata for the table (easy in IBExpert), then
> edit the
> > script to change the name of the table and run it using the current
> > connection - you get all metadata the same
> > Alan
> Thanks, that worked perfectly.
> If Firebird could create and associate Domain's based on source table
> in 'insert into mytable2 select * from mytable1' that would be
> very convenient especially for people migrating from other databases
> or people who are creating large number of tables.
> Maybe this is a wishlist candidate.

I think this sort of thing is available only because MySQL et al use
temporary tables a lot.
The syntax you use which works in IBExpert is an IBExpert thing anyway as I
recall. Other tools may not recognise it.
And as for migration - why do you need to create a lot of tables of the same
structure? there's no need.