Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: memory usage on linux vs windows (1.5 classic)
Author Dan Wilson
> > > client app has two connections. After app connects to linux server
> > > one connection uses 16M, another 44M of memory (60M per client).
> > > After app connects to windows server each connection use 170M of
> > > virtual memory which is 350M per client ('memory usage' column is
> > > similar to linux - 18M & 43M). Why the difference? Any way to make
> > > firebird use less memory? Because right now 5 clients would need 2Gb
> > > memory on server which is no good...

> > Which version of Firebird are you using? Classic or SuperServer?

> v1.5 classic for both windows and linux (cause I need multi CPU
> support)

The price you pay with Classic is that each client connection creates a new full server instance. You could perhaps reduce cache sizes and reduce some of the other configuration parameters listed in firebird.conf, but basically that is the tradeoff you have to make: to get the multi-CPU support, add lots of memory.

Regarding the different memory consumptions between Windows and Linux, are you certain that all the cache sizes, etc., are the same on both systems?

If all settings are the same, I am not knowledgeable enough to judge the reasons for the differences in memory usage between Windows and Linux, but will be interestedly reading over your shoulder should someone else be able to explain it.