Subject Re: Which FB code page for Germany
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Thomas,

--- In, "Thomas von Stetten" wrote:
> ==> 'Ä' sorted with the same "weight"(?) as 'AE' - thats
> what users expect

It's always a pleasure to discuss the finer points of I18n.

de_DE (not to mention de_CH etc) has two important sort orders:

- Phonebook
- Duden

At least one of them also got an important sounding DIN number.

In Phonebook sort order, "ä" is expanded to "ae", whereas in Duden
sort order, "ä" and "a" are primary weight equivalents (and only when
the complete words are equal regarding primary differences, the one
with the 'ä' is sorted after the other).

And what does the user expect?

In ye olde times I would have said, that the phonebock is more often
consulted than the Duden, but nowadays?

Windows default to Duden sort order (as it is also the default Unicode
sort order).

Peter Jacobi