Subject Re: East european Unicode charset
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Marius,

I can help you, as far as only FB itself and tests using ISQL
are involved. For Delphi and eventual other components used,
you may have to get other people's advice.

--- In, marius popa wrote:
> Anyone worked with Romanian chars (or other East european chars) in
> Delphi6+Firebird+windows ?
> 1.created database with ISO-8859-2 charset

Looking at this statement, it seems there is no Unicode involved.
This is actually a plus, as full Unicode support in FB has still its

Or are you bound by interfacing to other apps to use Unicode?

Anyway, ISO-8859-2 is supported by Firebird, but ISO-8859-16 which is
first choice for Romanian, is not (yet). Perhaps you should also check
the some sources, which one you need. Some links:

> 3.Isql doesn't work (cmd.exe - windows console limits ?)
> I used
> SET NAMES ISO8859_2;
> then
> made sql script in vim /notepad

You have to set ISO-8859-2 at three places, of which I assume two you
have covered:

a) connection character set

b) column definition (or database default character set=

c) CMD.EXE codepage
- check in Regional Options, that ISO-8859-2 is installed (windows
codepage is 28592)
- set "Lucida Console" as your font for the command line
- Enter the command "chcp 28592" at the command line

To minize possibilities of charset confusion, you should use a text
mode editor for your scripts, not Notepad.

If you still have troubles getting ISQL samples working, I'll can make
an example script ready.

Peter Jacobi