Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird v SQLServer Debate
Author Marco Bommeljé
rodbracher wrote:
> My question: Does anyone know of links / references / knowledge of
> any large well know organisations using firebird? I have seen the
> links on IBPhoenix but these are to Web Sites running Firebird.
> Any input would be much appreciated.
> Rod

Perhaps you are able to reach Michael Gast. On the comp.databases newsgroup he
recently wrote the following project description:
> In this system, we
> have a yearly data throughput of about 350 GB - 1 GB average per day
> (24*6h to 24*7h per week system usage). Most data is stored in small
> Blobs with up to 15 KB of raw data. With a small server (2 Xeon CPU with
> 750 MHz, 512 MB RAM), we can write about 15000 Blobs per minute and read
> about 22000 Blobs per Minute. The maximum number of rows in a table is
> about 10 mio. Database size is kept at about 50 GB - the mean life time
> of a row in the system is about 70 days (after this time a row is
> transferred to an external archiving system).

A colleague of mine recently stumbled upon a (then undocumented) limit of Fb
when a table grew larger than about 60Gb. Note that this applies to a single
table only. A database can grow much larger than that.

I happen to know some VLDB (very large db) Interbase applications but the
customers do not want publicity on them using Interbase.

Finally, I agree that Firebird needs a web-page with high profile/high end

Kind regards,

Marco Bommeljé