Subject Re: Firebird v SQLServer Debate
Author rodbracher
Sorry - put that incorrectly. If you say a database can get huge v.s.
saying AT&T uses it for every DB transaction in the organisation
thats quite a stamp on the "Firebird CV". I just want to know if
there are any large organisations using it. (I am on the FB side -
just need some ammo)

> What volumes are you expecting? As in: will it ever reach the
> Firebird limit?
> > This argument is of course obliterated by the fact that we
> > can run on a linux server with our windows GUI app.
> >
> > My question: Does anyone know of links / references / knowledge of
> > any large well know organisations using firebird? I have seen the
> > links on IBPhoenix but these are to Web Sites running Firebird.
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