Subject Re: GPRE/API Different with FB 1.5?
Author Eric Boyajian

> I seem to get by the PREPARE just fine but die in COMMIT. I've
modified your
> code for C and Linux (see support.e attached). The backtrace,
however, looks
> very much like what my other programs are doing. As you can see,
> printf()s before and after PREPARE are there (no GO TO on SQLERROR)
but the
> program dies at COMMIT:

Yahoo Groups deleted your attachment.

I think you misunderstand. The program does not crash at the
PREPARE, it simply fails to prepare the SQL select statement and the
FB 1.5 server (API?) returns a failure code (-901). The PREPARE
should succeed and return a 0 (zero) in the isc_status vector and
SQLCODE. Are you printing the value of SQLCODE after the
isc_embed_dsql_prepare()? What is it?