Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: IBO v FIBPlus
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:56 AM 3/03/2004 +0000, an anonymous poster romb2fibplus@...

>Well, I can not tell you that IBO was the subject of my much study,
>but I looked at it and also tried to get some additional information
>around it. We also needed to port our old BDE project, because of
>performance problems, etc. Different people advised me different
>engines, and I see that both products, IBO and FIBPlus enable you to
>get well-designed application with great performance. That's why I
>tried to take into account other things, except the technologies.

Do you know what "fib" means in English?

>I have discovered that number of messages in IBO support group becomes
>less and less.

So there goes fib #1.

The messages to IBO average 16.55 per day, peaking often at 20 and
bottoming at 12.3 in May when Jason and his main support list people were
all in Fulda for the Firebird conference and travelling. Jason's Fulda
sessions were packed with IBO users. How many Devrace users did we see at
the conference?

>In contrast to it, FIBPlus newsgroups have more
>messages from day to day.

>Devrace publishes 2-3 new versions during a year, and Jason does not.

Fib #2. Last year Jason published *six* point releases, including one
Major release in November, as well as no less than 7 patch releases.

>It means that when you purchase FIBPlus you get those 2-3 versions free of
>charge, because Devrace's upgrade policy enables you to get all new
>versions and updates for free during a year after purchasing.

Exactly the same as IBO. And with IBO you have several more benefits:
You get *two* suites of components, not just one. (TDataset-compatible
"TIBO" classes plus TIB_* native classes AND data-aware controls with
them). You can buy subscriptions in separate parts, too.

And IBO is Trustware, which Devrace also embraced for a while and seems to
have abandoned. That means that charities, bona fide open source project
members and students get full source IBO registration for free. And
subscribers can get a half-price subscription if they choose, to offset the
expense of developing new software until they start making money out of it.

>That was exciting and important, because new versions include bug-fixes
>and feature improvements.

They sure do.

>And you know yourself about 2003 Awards.

Do you know yourself about the 2000, 2001 and 2002 awards? Who won
those? Who was close behind Devrace in the 2003 awards?

>It is clear for me that FIBPlus is growing before our eyes. That is that
>IBO had in days of old.

All that seems clear to me is the "fib" part.

>So, we have purchased FIBPlus and I can assure you that we do not pity
>about it :).

Good for you. It would not do to pay your money and regret it. :-) If
you end up deciding not to use FIBPlus, will Devrace give your money back,
as happens with IBO?

It's great to see the Devrace folk developing their business and their
product. It's not good to see their supporters using deceit to convince
others not to try the alternatives.