Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBO v FIBPlus
Author Tiberiu Atudorei
Quoting Peter <peter@...>:

> I am about to convert an existing Firebird project from BDE to direct
> connection. I was already to look at using IBO but have just read the 2003
> awards and Bill Todds review of FIBPlus. Both tools look very good and I'd
> interested in any comments or feedback (positives and negitives) on users
> experiences with these two tools.
> Thanks in Advance
> Peter

I'm a fan of IBO. But some time ago (ie last year...or in 2002?) I took a
look at the FIBPlus site. They had a demo / benchmark for accessing IB/FB
with different components (BDE/IBX/IBO/FIB). Recently I've searched their
site for this demo and it's gone. My guess : IBO was always the first :).