Subject Re: Unicode and encryption support...
Author dominiqueatsavagesoftware
Hi all,
Just to clarify, all the HTML and XML data will be encoded in UTF-8.

Now I understand that FireBird supports UTF-8, but do I have to
setup/change anything for this to be the native string format?

Are there any problems associated with just filling up my DB with
UTF-8 data, performance wise or any other wise?



--- In, Dominique Louis
<Dominique@S...> wrote:
> I have an upcoming project that will require me to store Unicoded
> strings amongst some HTML and XML. I will need to support the
> list of Languages in the same database...
> English,
> Spanish,
> French,
> Italian,
> German,
> Dutch,
> Finnish,
> Russian,
> Norwegian/Bokmal,
> Swedish,
> Danish,
> Japanese,
> Chinese ( in it's various forms ),
> possibly Klingon ( yes seriously ),
> possibly Elvish.
> So are blobs the only way to go? Also what are my options when it
> to encypting the data within the aforementioned DB. Is this now
> or are third parties handling this type of thing or both? I am
> particularly concerned about performance, both while retrieving this
> text blobbed data and via decryption.
> I can provide more info if required.
> If this is not the best place for this message, please direct me to
> appropriate list.
> Thanks,
> Dominique
> := go on, write a game instead;