Subject Re: Collation Orders / Field-Size
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Elmar,

--- Elmar Haneke <elmar@h...> wrote:
> I try to specify an collation order, when I select "PXW_INTL", an
> VARCHAR(100) can no longer be indexed. Using the default "WIN1252"
> Collation everything is ok.

Others have already explained the source of this problem.

The sad thing is, that I know how to solve this problem (by more
efficent bit stuffing of the collation keys), but had far less time
available for Firebird development than I initally (and optimistically

If you (or anyone else) needs this solved so badly, that you would
consider implementing it yourself, I can give you my draft plan how to
do this. It should be possible to get to about 10 to 12 bits sortkey
needed per character, in contrast to the 24 bits now allocated. The
stuff can go into fbintl2.dll, you don't need to compile complete FB.

OTOH, maybe I should only kick myself in the back and try do this next

Peter Jacobi