Subject unavailable database
Author deccico
Hi, I have an application developed with BCB6 + Firebird
using IBO.

After reinstalling WIN XP I can't connect with Firebird. Always
getting the error message:

unavailable database

I have installed and reinstalled Firebird (1.5.4481) several times
with no success. Also I want to say that I have Win XP in a different
directory than c:\windows.

In the Event Viewer I have found this message:

Tip of evento: Error
Origin: Firebird Server
Category: Ninguno
Event Id.: 0
Date: 28/11/2004
Time: 01:45:18 p.m.
User: No disponible
It can not be found the description of the event ( 0 ) in the origin(
Firebird Server ). Is is possible that the local PC has not the
information of registry o DLL files of messages necesary to show
messages of a remote pc. It is possible that you can use the indicator
/AUXSOURCE= to recover this description; look for the help and
technical support to get more details. Following information is part
of the event: Firebird Server error: 1063, StartServiceCtrlDispatcher