Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database size
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 08:38 PM 11/17/2004, precious so wrote:
>Can you please tell me more about the pagesize. how the pagesize affects
>the database size?

Page size has the largest effect on an empty database
because even an empty database contains structural and
descriptive information and each type of information is
on a page by itself. Smaller pages mean less wasted
space, in an empty database.

As you store data, that effect largely disappears and the
major determinants of database size are the amount of
data, the degree to which it can be compressed, the number
of indexes, and the size of index keys.

The page size can affect the database size if you have
large records and small pages. If a table has a record
size which, when compressed, is a large fraction of the
size of a page, and that table is archival - inserts and
selects, but no updates or deletes - then a larger page
size will reduce the database size. For example, if you
have a table where the typical compressed record is 2400
bytes, you'll get one record per page on a 4096 byte page,
but you'll get three records per page on a 8192 byte page.

> Is there a limitation with regards to database size?

No practical limit. 2**32 * page_size.

>I read some documentation in windows if your using ntfs file system the
>file size unlimited is this mean if the gdb file stored at the ntfs O.S.
>like win2000 the gdb file is unlimited it will grow and grow.

It only grows if you feed it.