Subject Re: Is "Embedded Server" is supported in Linux?
Author kartinku
Dear Helen and Members ,

In windows there is a separate build for embedded. It contains
"fbembed.dll". In "README_embedded.txt" it is mentioned that
"fbembed.dll" is is of SuperServer(SS) architecture.
In this thread you told that "" is conceptually
equivalent to windows embedded server. As per your suggestion I was
able to set up and run my test application in linux locally. Since
"" is packaged in linux classic server , I hope it is of
classic architecture. So is there is any difference in behaviour in
linux compared to "fbclient.dll" of windows. Similar to "fbembed.dll"
in windows why SS architecture based linux embedded *.so is not
provided in FB?.
In normal classic server (separate DB server) "when a single
client request for multiple connection" or "multiple client process
request for connection each" a separate "fb_inet_server" process will
be spawn in server machine for each connection. Is it right?
In embedded server of linux (i.e local connection using
"") both client and server is of single process. If that
process needs multiple connection (for connection pooling) multiple
connection will be handled in the same process. It is different
behaviour from normal classic server which spawns a separate process
for each client's request. Does this has any issue/limitation in
linux embedded server.

Kindly clarify me in this regard? It will help me to understand
embedded server better and use it for my application?

Thanks & Regards,

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 06:53 AM 17/11/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Dear Team ,
> >
> > Like fbclient.dll for windows is there embedded server for Linux. I
> >was unable to find Linux specific FB Embedded server in
> > Please do clarify me whether embeded server is supported in Linux?
> No. But, then, writing local apps for Classic Server on Linux using the
> "direct-connect" client is pretty close, conceptually,
to the
> embedded server that has been implemented in Win32.
> ./hb