Subject Re: Deploying db application
Author mihai_silver
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> > Greeting everyone,
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> > I have a database application made from delphi and firebird and my
> end-user is using only 1computer . How can I deploy my application?
> Should I install the super server,classic server or the client only?
> Should I install first the firebird? or I just get the needed file
> like dll file of the firebird so that the application I made could
> smoothly?
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> > Your answer will be a great help
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> > heirkeyso
> If there is only one client that is using the application you should
> download and use the embedded version of firebird (both the
> application and the database lie on the same computer).
> Silver
> I just downloaded the embedded version of firebird. Please correct
me if I'm wrong, to deploy the my application I just copy the fbembed.
dll to my application's directory. Please tell me if I'm missing some
step or procedure.
> heirkeyso

Yes that is all you have to do ...
There is some documentation in the embedded server package.