Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Custom Installations
Author Nando Dessena

j> When stopping the Firebird Gaurdian service, it stops the Firebird
j> Server service automatically, as it should. When seting up these
j> services, I would like to name them to different names, other than
j> FirebirdGuardianDefaultInstance and FirebirdServerDefaultInstance,
j> respectively, so that I could have, if needed, multiple Firebird
j> Server/Guardian services running on one machine. But if I do this,
j> how can I tell a particular Guardian to stop a particular Firebird
j> Server service of a different name? The goal of this is to insulate
j> our application configurations from other Firebird installs, so no
j> matter what has been prior or after our install, our exposure is
j> limited.

First, you don't really need the Firebird Guardian. I am doing just
about the kind of thing you're after without it.

Then, it isn't possible AFAIK to install the Firebird service under a
different name with instsvc. It should be possible to do it
programmatically, but I haven't had the need so far. What I do is
install my own service application which acts as a shell for a
fbserver.exe process (so Firebird is started as an application and
never registered as a service) and provides additional services to my
clients at the same time. I a real "embedded server" existed I
wouldn't even need to start fbserver.exe as an application, but that's
not a big deal.

I know it's not exactly the answer to your question, but perhaps it
might help you anyway.

Nando Dessena
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