Subject RE: [firebird-support] Reserved words in Firebird migration !
Author Leyne, Sean

> > We are migrating mysql to firebird and writing ms-sql server to
> > firebird scripts, is there any way to keep using the reserved words
> > Firebird.
> > Like in ms-sql server we could use square brackets [] , eg. [value]
> > I can use [value] as a column name in mysql but cannot in firbird.
> > Well I do realize the database structure does not follow ANSI
> > standards., however it would help me if I have a way around it
> > asking the developers to change their code.

<snip Martijn's blatant product plug!>

> As for brackets, in Firebird, use double quotes:

You also need to know that by using the double quotes, the column name
become case sensitive and must always thereafter be referred to as
"VALUE" and not "Value" or "value"...