Subject RE: [firebird-support] Can not open FDB file
Author Daniel Jimenez
> Can you connect interactively to the empty database with isql?


> Have you checked that it is actually in the place where you
> think it is?

Yes, and have also tried by placing the FDB on different locations, with the
same result.

> Are you trying to run this script remotely from the Fb 1.5
> machine, i.e.
> with Fb 1.5's version of isql?


> Fb 1.0 doesn't support database aliases. If the script is
> using an alias in the CONNECT statement, change it to the full path.

It is the full path

> By default, Fb 1.0 creates a dialect 1 database. If the
> script contains language features that are not supported in
> dialect 1, the script will except. If you want to create a
> dialect 3 database, run the command SET SQL DIALECT 3; before
> your INPUT command. (But this wouldn't cause the message in
> your Subject).

I did run the script SET SQL DIALECT 3

> Can't think of any other possibilities at the moment. The
> most likely thing is something funny about the file path.
> Failing all else, drop the empty database and include the
> CREATE DATABASE statement in the script.

Have included the CREATE DATABASE in the SQL script and it runs perfectly.
However, the appliation is unable to open the FDB file :-((

> ./hb

Thank you

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