Subject Re: Interbase slow start on win xp and 2003 server
Author GrumpyRain
--- In, "Geoff Rees" <reescom@b...>
> Using Interbase 6.01
> I have this program running at 10 sites. Two sites using windows
2003 server and 2 using later versions of windows xp exerience about
30 to 60 second delay in initial access to interbase. Other sites are
fine. Also just got a new laptop which also has the delay. I've
checked the firewall and antivirus but still occurs with them off.
> 1. Does anyone know the cause & solution?
> 2. Does Firebird have a similar problem?
> Thanks for any help
> Geoff
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Check with hyperthreading turned off (in the BIOS) and see if that
helps. I don't believe it is a problem with Firebird but don't quote
me on that.