Subject RE: [firebird-support] References for use as an embedded DB?
Author Ray Cote
At 10:31 AM +1100 11/16/04, Alan McDonald wrote:
> > We build our application using ASTA and instead of distributing the
>> Firebird server interface DLL, we distribute the the embedded DLL
>> version. ASTA then talks directly to a local/embedded database.
>> Multiple clients can then communicate with ASTA.
>> Presto! Multi-user features while still using the embedded database.
>Yes, I'm interested mostly here about the ASTA/FB usage. If you need ASTA to
>run as a server, why no install FB as a service on the machine running ASTA?
>What's the special need for running embedded in this situation?

Hi Alan.

This is strictly a design/deployment decision we've made for our products.

Since we want to isolate our business logic, we would use ASTA
middleware whether we were talking to the embedded server or the full
Firebird server.

By using the embedded server, we drastically reduce deployment
complexity. We no longer need to be concerned if there's another
Firebird/Interbase server running on the same machine. Customers no
longer feel they need to "learn another database" since, from their
point if view, it is embedded and "part of" our application.

Many of our low- and middle-end installations are mom and pop type
shops or places with limited IT resources. Being able to click an
installer and have everything running from Win 98 thru XP is a major
plus (we don't always use ASTA as an NT service, it runs as a normal
app as well).

As we drive into more complex environments -- environments requiring
replication for example -- we also find our products being used in
environments with IT capabilities. In those environments, we likely
will end up with Firebird running as a separate service and possibly
on a separate box.

To summarize "what's the special need," I'd say the driving force is
simplicity for the majority of our customers. Your decision points
may, of course, vary.


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