Subject Re: UDF and arrays
Author i5cvalde
--- In, "harri007et" <harri@u...> wrote:
> Hi!
> Does anyone have the delphi example about passing an array of doubles
> to UDF function. Is this possible at all?

Yes, it's possible since before Borland acquired InterBase. However,
you only can read arrays. Your UDF won't be able to store an array in
a field, for example.
I'm working on a full article about UDFs for a long time. You will see
it probably in two weeks more at ibphoenix. Dual code will have the
same functionality in C++ and Delphi.

> I want to use some
> algorithms which source I can't give to clients (or convert to stored
> procedure) because the licence does not allow this.

Stored procedures work only using security by obscurity if you delete
the source code. Anyone with good knowledge can figure out what you
did from the stored BLR.