Subject Re: [firebird-support] InterBase, Dephi, BDE and Transactions
Author Robert martin
You should reconsider dropping BDE. We were in the same position as your (Large BDE DBase app to port). We went with IBO and have been very impressed with their TDataset compatible components. Performance seems good and most of our re writes have been performance related. By leaving the BDE (which has not been updated for years) your get away from.....

a- Installation issues (multiple apps requiring BDE and needing different versions / settings)
b- Random Crashes, another app using BDE crashes the BDE and your app is now dead in the water. may require reboot.
c- Disk space errors. The BDE uses an old API to determine free disk space unfortunately this fails for drives over 4GB and so on certain magic numbers (I believe multiples of 4 or 2) the BDE thinks its out of disk space and errors (we have had problems with 36 and 40Gb often).

These were just a few of the reasons we got away from the BDE. It hs been no walk in the park. But we don't regret it :)

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From: Gustavo
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 4:16 PM
Subject: RE: [firebird-support] InterBase, Dephi, BDE and Transactions

May be it would be a good idea to throw out BDE but I have a big application developped using BDE and DBF tables and at this moment I'm trying to change it to work with InterBase. So, the easiest way is to continue using BDE. If I don't use BDE I have to rewrite a lot of code.

Additionally, IBO is nof free.

I already made almost everything work but I'm still looking for a solution to this problem of "nested transactions".

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