Subject RE: [firebird-support] Large database in few files (absolute path)
Author Leyne, Sean

> I've noticed that when you have large database splited into few files
> there is information in each of the file pointing at the file name of
> the next database file.
> It's a little frustrating because it's not easy to copy&use (well, I
> should patent that slogan;) such db in different locations -
> about next database file is stored with absolute path i.e not with
> relative one ;(

With the introduction of 64 Bit I/O support in Firebird v1.0 and the
current size of hard disks, the need to use the secondary file feature
has been all but eliminated.

(Because of the exact problems you note above, I am the leader of the
'camp' which feels strongly against the use of the feature -- I would
NEVER recommend or use it)