Subject Re: [firebird-support] It's all greek to me, and now you throw in the latin. What gives?
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Apparently, there's no existing tool for this -- we'd be happy though if you would create one and
contribute it "to the cause". It should be trivial, particularly for what you want, although I've
found that the rules for double-quotes vary by product (in fact, last I saw, MS Access and MS Excel
didn't agree on embedded double-quotes in comma-separated files.) As to XML, perhaps someone else
will extend your project with DTD-related features after the fact.

You have the option of writing such a tool in a whole host of languages for which there are
bindings to the Firebird libraries, or, as you suggested, make it a generalized solution utilizing
JDBC or ODBC (as only some examples of cross-database interfaces.) If you can't write it yourself,
you might even do some programmer a kindness and pay him to do it for you.

If you run into any problems related to Firebird while writing such a tool, feel free to ask for
help, that's what we're here for. (Martijn took care of the other type of response, I'll leave it
at that.)


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Subject: [firebird-support] It's all greek to me, and now you throw in the latin. What gives?

> Thanks for the info, I followed that up & found out some
> things, but still haven't got the desired xml/csv output.
> It seems xml export is not a current feature, a medium priority
> for the next major release.
> I don't need typed data, or a DTD. Plain xml like this would be
> just fine:
> <table>
> <row><a>1</a><b>=</b><d></d><e></e><f></f><g></g></row>
> <row><a>2</a><b>+</b><d></d><e></e><f></f><g></g></row>
> <row><a>3</a><b>-</b><d></d><e></e><f></f><g></g></row>
> <row><a>4</a><b>*</b><d></d><e></e><f></f><g></g></row>
> </table>
> The export should work in a general way for *.fdb
> - so I think stored procedures are out (also I am a complete FB
> novice and I think going thru the loops and hoops to learn how to do
> that would send me completely insane).
> It's all geek to me, and now you throw in the latin. What gives?
> Main Entry: quo va·dis?
> Pronunciation: kwO-'wä-dis, -'vä-d&s
> Usage: foreign term
> Etymology: Latin
> : whither are you going?
> Whither I know means where, but I will let
>, answer that one...
> "Conjunction 1. To where. (I do not know whither I am going.)"
> Downloaded & installed
> (Unimpressed. yet to find out if or how it works as a console App.)
> I didn't know about, so I searched
> google " xml" -- 23 hits
> >From 13/11/2004 --
> 1439 Allow for dataset to be returned in HTML/XML format using data-
> output templates.
> 5 - Medium (next major release)
> Two commercial tools showed up. I decline to pay
> more money for what already is proving to be very frustrating
> (Yes, I did expected better from this Firebird thing).
> Quick Export for InterBase and Delphi
> Suite of Delphi components for exporting from your IB/Firebird
> database to 12 most popular formats: MS Excel, MS Word (RTF), HTML,
> XML, TXT, DBF, CSV, SYLK, DIF, LaTeX, SQL and Windows Clipboard
> without ODBC or the BDE.
> Available in two versions, for FIBPlus or IB Objects TDataset-
> compatible data access objects.
> By Vadim Vinokur Commercial
> IBQueryEditor V1.0
> IBQueryEditor is a graphical tool designed to allow you to quickly
> write, save, load and execute SQL scripts against any InterBase or
> Firebird database. It provides the following features.
> Edit and author SQL scripts and queries.
> Multi-threaded to allow multiple queries to be run simultaneously.
> Connection manager to manage servers and databases.
> Multiple output formats for query results including: CSV, Tab
> Delimited, and XML.
> Supports InterBase 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x
> Support for Firebird 1.x
> By SoftMosis Inc. Commercial
> Found an article at:
> a=ibphoenix&s=1099850314:240221&page=ibp_news_art8
> " What's happening with Firebird and InterBase?
> As featured in the UK Borland Users Group Magazine (Mar/Apr 2002)
> By Paul Reeves
> XML Generation
> I'm yet to be seduced by XML so I don't know whether this is a 'must
> have' or a yawn. IB 6.5 ships with a dll that encapsulates some API
> calls and returns data wrapped in XML tags. There's no rocket science
> here, and I dare say if it was really important for a project a
> similar bit of functionality could be knocked up in a day."
> Paul Reeves
> This Paul Reeves geni-ass seems to think xml is a simple thing.
> I don't care if the question is simple or not, I just want a simple
> answer... and the "Relational Database for the New Millennium" has
> nada.
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