Subject RE: [firebird-support] Single fdb or multiple fdb's
Author Rick DeBay
Group related data together, each group in a different schema.

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On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 13:39:56 -0700, Ray Jenkins <reofax@...>

> Sorry hit reply to the other topic and forgot to change the subject
> line...
> I am starting to move all the in-house apps to Firbird. They have been
> running on Clipper and Paradox database systems.
> My question is this...
> How do I structure the new Database? Do I have one single fdb file and
> just throw all the tables in the same db, or do I split it out into
> some logical transaction based groupings? If I split it into multiple
> fdb files can they all reside in the same directory or should I
> seperate them into different subdirectories.

Can you give some points about applications and current databases.
But generally from my practice - I put all tables from all related in
way systems in one Database. You get a lot of benefits with such
organization - JOINs in selects, FKs, simple administration.

Miroslav Penchev

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