Subject Re: How split 2 lines in 2 fields?
Author kokok_kokok
I think that you mean "substr" funcions, but it is not work for my

substr(s,m,n) returns the substring if you knows the start and end
point, but the problem is that in a text, the line lengths are not
constant. I need a function to find the CR character.

--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> > I have a blob field, this field is always lines of text. Each
> > has a CR character in the end.
> >
> > I need to build a view to show the first 3 lines in 3 different
> > fields.
> > I do not want to create a new UDF function, just to use SP
> > or to use the standard UDF libraries. Is it possible?
> >
> > Please, any help well be welcome.
> >
> there is a standard UDF which returns a substr of a blob
> Alan