Subject RE: [firebird-support] SELECT with LIMIT on FIREBIRD
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> i am new to FireBird 1.5
> In MySql i could do somethnig like this:
> SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 5,10;
> Can i do SOMETHING LIKE THAT in FireBird?
> (If not, maybe it could be done using the record number.)

Quoted from the Firebird Reference Guide book available on
the IBPhoenix CD:

[SKIP n]} ... ORDER BY

FIRST m returns an output set consisting of m rows, optionally
SKIPping n rows and returning a set beginning (n+1) rows from the
“top” of the set specified by the rest of the SELECT specification. If
SKIP n is used and the [FIRST m] parameter is omitted, the output set
returns all rows in the SELECT specification except the “top” n rows.
These parameters generally make sense only if applied to a sorted set.

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