Subject Re: [firebird-support] Time has come to convert from IB6 to FB 1.5
Author Aage Johansen
Martin Dew wrote:
> Thanks Svein.
> I have already got the application working with FB in development tests, I =
> am basically at the stage of release now, the only thing is I have numerous=
> sites to upgrade so wanted to just know any pitfalls etc, i.e backup .gdb =
> un-install IB 6.02, install FB Server, restore backup. Workstations, un-ins=
> tall IB client, install FB client. Do I need to make sure I delete any spec=
> ific files from each workstation that can cause weird problems etc (i.e do =
> I need to delete gds32.dll from each machine).

Don't forget isc4.gdb.
Restore as security.fdb should bring your users onward to Fb, I think.

Aage J.