Subject Re: Time has come to convert from IB6 to FB 1.5
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Where in the conversion stage are you? Have you modified your programs and now
only need to install the program(s) and servers at various sites? I cannot help
you more than saying that Firebird in some cases report errors where IB made a
"best guess" and that Firebird introduced a few more reserved words, but if you
already have your program(s) running on Firebird at a development PC, then that
kind of information is irrelevant.

I'm sure others will give you lots of hints, but in general this group gives the
best answers when the problem description is as detailed as possible (relevantly
detailed - e.g. providing the entire source code of your SP when you know the
exact part of the code giving you problems or listing the 200 fields you select
when the question is about optimization only puts people off).


--- In, "Martin Dew" wrote:
> The time has finally come where I am going to start converting all my ib
> users to FB. Can someone who has done this before assist with any
> pitfalls I may come across, things I need to think of when uninstalling
> IB and installing FB.