Subject Re: Stored procedure array input parameters
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
In general, tables are quite good at storing a variable number of records *G*.
What about storing the records (or the PK of the records) in a table together
with a number obtained from a generator (same number for all records in the set)
, and then just pass this number to the SP?


--- In, Daniel Miller wrote:
> Are there any plans to implement array input parameters for stored
> procedures?
> I'm trying to use stored procedures to hide the database implementation
> from my application - so I can change my table structure with virtually
> no changes to my app. So far, it's gone reasonably well.
> My problem now is trying to work with a group of records as a single
> entity. I didn't want to use array columns as this requires a fixed
> dimension - and I wanted it variable. But now I don't see how to send a
> variable amount of information to a procedure for storage. The only way
> I see it now is to declare a fixed list of input parameters - more than
> I anticipate storing, and then checking those parameters for null
> values. This seems clumsy.
> If someone has a better idea, please share!
> Daniel