Subject RE: [firebird-support] SP Creation
Author Lee Jenkins
> > AS
> > begin
> > SELECT CUSTOMERPASS /* <=== Here is offending portion */ FROM
> Customers
> I assume that CUSTOMERPASS is a field of Customers? Did you use quotes to
> generate the DDL for the tables? If so, it would be case-sensitive.

Yes, CustomerPass is a field of the table Customers, but I didn't use quotes
and I don't think IBExpert did either or at least, when I look at the DDL
tab of the Table in IBExpert, its not quoted as I think it would be if I had
used quotes. This is what I was curious about.

> > WHERE CustomerID = :IP_CustomerID
> > INTO v_CustomerPass;
> INTO :v_CustomerPass;

> Always use the prefix colon ( : ) when referencing variables in an SQL
> statement for any procedure. The colon does not need to be used for
> statements outside of SQL context such as the following IF
> statement below.

Darn, you got me on that one! Fixed it and thanks.