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Author Muthu Annamalai

Could you give little more details on how to implement it. I am sure
that stores are linked thro dsl.


Muthu Annamalai

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> Muthu,
> If you have direct connection between this stores (with DSL/ISDN
> connection), you can REPLICATE all data base in one, you create a
> Procedure and when Insert, Update or Delete hapend you start this
> and Update the Master data base, the master data base must update
> child (the stores) data base too.
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> Gerson Machado
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> Assunto: [firebird-support] How to Network
> I almost developed a store automation (POS) application using
> Firebird embedded Server.
> Database is efficient, small footprint and great.
> With support of embedded nature each exe along with fdb will be
> shipped.
> Here my question is, My customers are store owners. I mean single
> store owners. They can buy the software and use without any
> If multiple store owner wish to buy my application, how would I
> integerate.
> For example:
> If a store owner buys 4 piece of my software and runs in all his
> four stores, later he might ask me, how to network all his four
> stores database. He is happy with the individual store databases
> if he wants to view the four store database as a unified one
> database, then how could I provide this solution.
> Any ideas is highly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Muthu Annamalai