Subject Re: [firebird-support] sqlcode = -607
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:39 PM 6/11/2004 +0800, you wrote:

> When I execute

Are you calling this procedure using EXECUTE PROCEDURE or SELECT?

>a procedure xx,I encountered a error:
> Statement failed, SQLCODE = -607
> unsuccessful metadata update
> -request depth exceeded. (Recursive definition?)

This exception doesn't seem applicable to the procedure code you
provided. Selects don't update metadata. Is this all there is? or is your
SELECT procedure also performing some data definition operation inside an

> My procedure:
> for select areacode,areaname,chargeunit,rateofagent from feeagent
> where domainno = :in_domainno
> and areacode not in (select distinct areacode from feebasetbl
> where domainno = :in_domainno and groupno =
> :in_groupno)
> and areacode not in (select distinct areacode from
> feesubsec where domainno = :in_domainno
> and groupno = :in_groupno)
> into :out_areacode,:out_areaname,:OUT_UNIT,:OUT_RATE
> do
> begin
> suspend;
> end

This code looks fine to me - as long as you are SELECTING this procedure
and not EXECUTING it...

Do you have the correct message file (e.g. firebird.msg) in your server