Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB Crashing (again)
Author Paul Beach
> Im not disputing any of this - but it took me MANY messages to even get it
> considered as a possible bug. Eveyrone kept telling me "That's what FB
> does". Before I do any debugging I need to know it is not normal behavior -
> which everyone kept saying it is.

A crash is a bug. The server should not crash. Period. We need to find
out why it crashed. The information I gave you earlier about collecting
the crash dump, was slightly out of date. I have been gently advised that
all you need to do is the following...

A crash dump from a production build will do just as well..
The article on IBPhoenix is slightly outdated and will be corrected.
1) There is no need to download/install PDB to collect useful coredumps.
2) For recent Firebird versions you need to set BugcheckAbort to 1
otherwise JIT debugger is not going get called

PDBs are now only necessary to analyze the problem. To analyze a
Win32 problem for example we just need to place the matching dump,
program database and executables in one directory, then open the dump
in the debugger and point it to an appropriate directory that contains
the matching source code.