Subject RE: [firebird-support] A few questions.....
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Michael,

> Just a few questions.
> First.
> Last night I was about to do some updates to our own DB.
> When I connected I kept seing two connected users. Myself and someone
> else.
> This happens every once in a while, because someone forgets to turn
> off their PC.
> But last night, when I looked at connected users there was:
> SYSDBA (Me ;-) )
> (SQL Server)
> I have never seen a user connected called (SQL Server).
> And there and non users created called this.
> Anyone knows what that is ?

Internal connections to the database are reported as
(SQL Server). A sweep might be a good candidate, AFAIK.

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
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