Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB Crashing (again)
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:20 PM 3/11/2004 -0500, you wrote:

>:: One possibility is that your "couple thousand things a day"
>:: are all being executed by way of a single Autocommit
>:: transaction and the transaction state bitmap (TSB) is
>Only selects are not in explicit transactions - but doesn't FB just wrap
>each one individually then?

No. So, if you open your "select blah from ..." it will just run forever
if you never commit it. If it's a read-write transaction (the default) it
will cause the TSB to grow and grow and grow until, ultimately, it asks for
resources it can't get. Boom. (You're not supposed to run a read-write
transaction for an uncontrolled long time...)

>And if this is not the case how do I change it to warp each one

Ummm...well, I don't know quite how you are doing it now...if you don't
know what the .NET driver is doing, best you join the firebird-net-provider
list and ask there.

>And if this is whats the problem, wouldn't it be better to
>return an error to my connection instead of crashing the WHOLE DB server????

If it can return an error that it knows about, it does. But we're talking
here about the operating system shutting down the service. How could the
server respond with a message if it has been killed? How would the server
know that the system is going to deny it resources?

The server, btw, doesn't have a clue about what misbehaving applications
are doing. It can only do what it knows about. It won't stop your
application from bloating the TSB if that's what your application wants to