Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Delphi and Firebird
Author Todd Pinel
In Helen's book I read that FireBird determines the format of all number
date literals by the separator used.

So a period(.) would give you Non-US format meaning DD.MM.CCYY and when a
slash (/) is used it is US convention of MM/DD/CCYY

There are also many other Date literals recognized by FireBird. I think
getting a copy of Helens book is a must to answer these kind of questions.



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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Delphi and Firebird

--- In, "Thomas Steinmaurer"
<ts@i...> wrote:
> > At the moment I query a table between date with the use of parameters.
> >
> > as in
> >
> > select *
> > from x
> > where A = :MyDate
> >
> > With the use of parameters, you just pas :MyDate as a Date and you
> > don't have to worry about the right formatting of the Date.
> >
> > Now, because of circumstances, I would like to not use parameters, but
> > I would like to create the sql code on the fly, as in
> >
> > select *
> > from x
> > where A = '2003/01/20'
> >
> > Is there a way to know the exact format to be used?
> There are quite a number of different date/time
> formats supported in Firebird.
> MM/DD/YYYY or DD.MM.YYYY are good candidates
> from many.

How do we know one which to use? Or does firebird autodetects it?


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