Subject Re: Firebird V1.5.2 Release Candiate 1
Author pmurad2000
This new release did not solve our problem: when we use events
through a firewall the Firebird server freezes. I set the
remoteauxport to 3051 and set the port open on the firewall. We shall
take a look at the code and the firewall settings tomorrow. But the
server definitely freezes up.

Peter Murad

--- In, "Paul Beach" <pbeach@i...>
> Et Al,
> Firebird 1.5.2 Release Candidate 1 is available for download and
> Note this is a "Release Candidate", not an official release. We
> like people to help test this before official release. Any comments
> issues, problems etc should be reported to the Firebird Development
> list.
> Builds can be downloaded from:
> Windows, Linux, Linux NPTL and 64 bit Linux versions are all
> under the appropriate subdirectories at the above url.
> Details on what bugs have been fixed in this release, can be found
in the
> release notes at:
> This release includes a fix for the following known problem with
> Those of you who have experienced this bug should please test 1.5.2
> make sure that the problem has been resolved.
> "An old legacy bug that has continued to bug us is that, when a
client had some
> events registered and its network connection had been terminated
> (hardware failure, reset button or task manager), then the server
would start
> using 100% of the CPU time until the "parent" port (client
connection which
> called isc_que_events() API routine) reported on its failure.
> This bug affected all FB versions (more or less, depending on the
> DummyPacketInterval configuration option) and only TCP/IP
> Solution
> Further work has been done to rectify the problem in v.1.5.2. It
now appears to be solved."
> I would like to thank all of those who worked on the release for
their efforts.
> Regards
> Firebird Release Team.