Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: FB Terminated abnormally
Author Alan McDonald
> > I've had one of these errors in the last six months on one of my
> servers.
> > I'm not concerned. Monitor it and see of it's happening frequently.
> I assume
> > the guardian brought it back straight away and one or more of your
> users
> > were kicked off but could start their app again immediately?
> > Alan
> Exactly !
> But I would like to know more about this error.
> Anything unexpected makes me uneasy.....
> I have had this error 3 times I can see.
> Once in june and yesterday, and 2 days before that.
> Michael

it could be a UDF exception (most likely since it's always possible to pass
a parameter into one which it doesn't like)
It could also be a query (least likely since you are probably running the
same queries all the time.
If it's a dev machine you might be able to track it down better, but in
production, with the same code running allthe time it's harder.